Invitation to Visit the Santa Rosa Art Guild Meeting

Santa rosa art gild

Demo by Ann Nichols, fine artist


Tuesday, Mar 5th, 2pm

Please join us for a wonderful demonstration in oil pastels!

Watch as Ann uses Oil Pastel in an amazing way. Observing her technique in use until your very eyes see the painting emerge to life. Come and enjoy this demo! You are also welcome to bring your oil pastels to experiment too, trying her unique technique.

Notes from Ann on Oil Pastels will be available for those in attendance.

Doyle Park Clubhouse

1700 Hoen Av, Santa Rosa, CA

Guests welcome—Donation $5

Note: Parking available at the side of building near ballpark

For more info on this meeting: 707-795-9365 or


Painting what he loved

Petaluma artist David Collins is honored at the Library Arts Show.

In his memory, the Petaluma Art Association and the Friends of the Petaluma Library are highlighting Collins’ work during this year’s library Show opening on Feb. 22.

David was a Native Petaluman and was well known for his water colors and oil paintings. He had long been fascinated with the ocean. A lifelong swimmer and body surfer, both in California and Hawaii, he reflected this interest in his work. While his work in both oils and watercolors has included portrait and wildlife, a major number of his paintings portray the power and the beauty of waves.

“He love the ocean and never wanted to live far from it”. “He would dash out to the ocean whenever there was a storm”, said his wife Irene Collins.

Collins belonged to several arts groups, but Petaluma Art Association and his Show held a special place in his heart.

“He was looking forward to the Library Show, which was always one of his favorites”.

He will be in our heart.

David C 3

Dvid Colins

Newspaper Bags

I stumbled upon a pretty interesting idea. What if art was made from something that everyone threw away already? While not so novel, the idea of one’s man trash being anther’s treasure has been around since a caveman swiped the discarded rock from his neighbor. And Art took it from there of course, since it loves to take sayings like that and make it its own. Speaking of taking something and making it your own, Artefact found a unique twist to it.

They take newspaper that was thrown away, and make cute little bags to hold. Link to the video below, as I’ll let them sell their ideas themselves. They’re adults after all.

Link to video:

Art Facts



Gardens of Cornerstone.

Chris Hougie   founder of Cornerstone Sonoma

CornerStone 1

In search of inspiration, and seeing how beautiful the rolling hills of California are, what could we wish for more than good food, wine and art? The art of living, if anything could get named that, it would be this.

Fortunately, looks like someone else was thinking the same thing when they created the cornerstone Sonoma caves for his wine tasting. Chris Hougie, the founder and smart man I mentioned earlier, went to France and fell in love for a second time with the gardens of Chamount sur Loire. Thankfully his wife had the same idea so there wasn’t any quarrels between the two over the gardens. He came back to the states with an idea planted in his head, and it soon grew into what we’ve got now.

CornerStone 3

All of his gardens are art. It’s a group of architects who were given free rein on doing whatever they wanted, and ample amounts of everything else, which is the quality ingredients for rampant art. They didn’t disappoint either. They build sculptures, and landscapes and made an indestructible garden. refreshing to the eyes, feet, and spirit. There’s even spots where you can write down your wishes and put a small part of you in that garden. It’s amazing, and I wish I’d have blogged about this before valentine’s day – but for all you other lucky couple, there’s always next year, and this is definitely a good spot to be when that day comes around again.

CornerStone 2
Admission to the Gardens is free.
PDF Garden Map

 CornerStone 4

PAA annual library show

spring_art_show_2013 LighterSo for all of you unlucky souls that DON’T know about this, well now you do! Like the poster above says, The Petaluma arts association (that’s me by the way!)  and the friends of the Petaluma library are hosting a show. The Petaluma arts association has been around for 54 years, which isn’t a picnic to achieve. I’m pretty proud to be part of this group of amazing people. They’re all artists who love art – no paperwork or diplomas needed, just your talent, your art and your ideas.

So if you’ve ever got a hunger to meet other people who love art, you’re more than welcome to join in. Selfless promotion aside, the Spring art show was the main topic here, so let’s get down to it:

This show is a coming of generation type deal, a heartwarming event really. It’s a group of veteran artists who are now looking to pass on the torch to the younger artists out there. They’re trying to get the word out on this in order to get in touch with what all the new young artists  are painting.

Save the date

There’s still something to be said about the differences between art then, and art now. The more ‘modern’ art might look different, but there’s no gap of disrespect  between the two schools. Art is art, whether it’s tangible in the physical form, or painted traditionally in oil and canvas. The spring show is the bridge between both, at least that’s what I hope it to be.

So save the date, come by if you can, and do check it out. It would be really great if the community in Petaluma can get back together over something as romantic as art.

Current “Winter” Show

Lance Kuehne Photography

The featured artist at Riverfront Art Gallery, the show displays the North Bay Area landscape in winter.
Visit for show dates.

Since leaving the computer field in the year 2000 to pursue his passion for photography, Lance has become an avid explorer of California’s less traveled back roads and the rural beauty they lead to. He shares these bucolic settings he so intimately knows through his fine art photographs and workshops.

Lance has won many awards for his work and his photography has appeared in numerous publications. His works are in private collections in over 40 states and internationally throughout Europe, and have been in museum shows and sold nationally by The Pottery Barn as limited-edition prints.

Lance co-founded the Riverfront Art Gallery located in the town of Petaluma The gallery won “Best Gallery in Sonoma County” within months of opening, and has won again every year since. Lance lives in Sonoma County and continues to marvel that he can refer to its bucolic back roads as his “office.”


Napa County


Sonoma County